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Welcome to the blog of the lives and adventures of Semola and Anacleto, two rascal budgies of one year old and nine months.
We like to test the patience of our humans.

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Back (sort of…)!!

Exams are over, and I have a few weeks of vacation, so I’ll be back updating Semola and Anacleto’s blog!
Today they had their first spray bath -the weather is getting hotter day by day, so they needed it-, and it went surprisingly good!
I thought they would’ve freak out by the new experience, but they enjoyed the spray bath right from the start!
Proud of my baby birbs :)

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Someone should make an appliance store that caters specifically to bird keepers’ needs.

Things like:

  • fans that feet can’t get to the blades
  • air conditioners that don’t release harmful fumes
  • water dispensers that are safe for birds
  • pots and pans without teflon
  • self cleaning ovens that don’t kill our birds
  • vacuums made for sucking up seeds and feathers
  • quiet air filters that rid of bird dust effectively


"Hey ma, look how cute we are! …millet now?"

"Our human is busy with exams lately, so we have to take control of our blog…but it’s difficult to do so when you have little tippy-tap birby toes.
We want to say hello to our birb blogger friends! We’ll be back with our sassiness soon, but in the meanwhile here’s a shameless reblog.”



Be a bird

You must be soft as a fluffy ‘tiel

With all the cuddliness of a ‘too

With all the squawk of a big macaw

Curious as the smallest budgerigar


forget how to train your dragon, try training a parakeet. damnit. so hard.

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That’s his new favourite toy. Made to drive the human insane by having to pick it from the floor every single time.
…but the human would do everything to make the fluffballs happy.

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Happy beak grinding Anacleto. Goofball.

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Semola looking at the birbs outside…and then yelling to shoosh them, like an old grumpy budgie.

Semola looking at the birbs outside…and then yelling to shoosh them, like an old grumpy budgie.

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Tried to snap some pics of budgie feathers by putting a 30x magnifing glass before the phone camera. Not bad as I expected!

Tried to snap some pics of budgie feathers by putting a 30x magnifing glass before the phone camera. Not bad as I expected!

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Parrot Tortured and Killed for Fun - Sign Petition for Justice! →




Hey, Tumblr. I’ve never signed a petition before in my life. I felt compelled to do so tonight after reading what happened to Ozzi, an African Grey Parrot, who was stolen, tortured and killed for fun. The criminal is a 15 year old who lives in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. He has since been…

Shameless reblogging of my own post. I just wanted to share that the 15 year old criminal was released back to his parent’s custody. Many are afraid that all he will receive is a slap on the wrist for the torture and murder of Ozzi, an African Grey Parrot. With a huge outpouring of support and cries for justice, there are now over 7,000 petitions from all over the world. Do something positive, sign the petition or share Ozzi’s story and stand up for what you believe in, this should never have happened.

Canada, the world is watching. Do the right thing!!!

Petition site:


We can not just let Ozzi’s story go silent.  This is not only a chance to give Ozzi’s life and give his family justice, but also for all animal rights to be put in governmental terms as a serious criminal act.  Too many pets lives have been ended because of senseless and moronic behaviour, let’s not let Ozzi be just another life lost.  Get this criminal in jail, and let’s bring the suffering of animals to the same level and seriousness as the suffering of humans.  No one would stop fighting if a child were to be kidnapped and killed, so why should any animal?  African grey’s have the intelligence and cognitive processes as a 3-5 year old child, he knew what was going on and felt the same fear and pain as any human would.  Please don’t let Ozzi’s life fall silent behind the horrific laws of government.

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